Dungeons and Drag Queens

By Mic R Phone

Okay, I have to tell you about this…the other day I was minding my own business, which is hard for me to do because I like being annoying and getting in other people’s business, but I was just going through emails and BAM!!  “What?”  I said to myself… (yeah i do that and I hate it when I say something that I do not want to hear, oops off topic),  I was reading emails and BAM, oops repeating now, okay, here it is;  Dungeons and Drag Queens at The Bing in Spokane! Yep, that is what I said  “What?” With my mouth wide open and my fingers typing away I had to look this up.

This is what I found: Seattle comedian has lost his mind and forced Drag Queens to sit still on stage and play Dungeons and Drag Queens night after night for the amusement of all who watch. The horror of it all! Drag Queens sitting, what is the world coming too? After a few minutes of sobbing and trying to plan how I was going to rescue those poor Drag Queens, I decided I was going to have words with that comedian, Paul Curry.

Being secretive and sneaky I pretended to be a top-notch journalist and started to drill him with my cunning questions..

TQC:   I am not a gamer and never played D&D because I thought it would not be fun, but after watching clips of you and the Drag queens I am a converted player. Tell us what started you down the path of this way of playing D&D?

Paul: I was also into improv and theater, as well as fantasy and gaming culture. For example in my childhood, I would play, now-forgotten, Warcraft 3 custom maps like Life of a Peasant where I would roleplay living in a city with 12 online strangers when I was 13, it was very normal.

TQC: Give us some more insight into who Paul is.  What makes you tick, give us the”T”

Paul: I, like many comics of my ilk, am on a never-ending quest to achieve external validation. I also want to better the world with my actions, since that’s the only way to fend off my existential dread. I am also considering getting a cat, this would be a big move for me.

TQC: Paul, when you first tried this, was it on stage or just for fun at home?

Paul:  I started playing Dungeons and Dragons in college. My shy friend invited me over to play as a character in his DnD game, seeing him open up and embody the characters of his world made me realize something was special about this game.

TQC: Are you surprised by the reaction to this show? Did you ever think you would be able to take D&D on a tour?

Paul: Yes, surprised and delighted! This is our first time taking the show on tour, so much like the Orks of Warhammer 40k we are contributing to the psychic manifestation of our collective desires, and presuming the show is on tour, and thus it is now on tour!

TQC: Do you have any thoughts on other games to explore with your comedy and Drag Queens? 

Paul: I am curious to integrate elements from other tabletop games like Pathfinder and Warhammer- I like using a vastly simplified ruleset of 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons though since it is very approachable and easy for new audience members to grasp what’s going on.

TQC: Now that this concept is so successful and you are flipping a world-famous game on its head what is in store for Paul?

Paul: Hmm, I think the show has an incredible amount of room to grow and improve, I think we have just scratched the surface of what a show like DNDQ can offer to the world. As for my other pursuits, I would like to muster up the courage to film and upload an hour comedy special of my personal stand-up (I’m also a comedian).

TQC:  What can Spokane expect from this show when you and your Drag Queens come through?

Paul: Dungeons and Drag Queens is best described to the unfamiliar as a two-hour improv comedy show starring Drag Queens with a layer of rules designed to resemble a board/video game. That being said, Dungeons and Drag Queens is a show that will delight DnD fans, Drag Fans, and comedy fans alike. Similar to Dungeons and Dragons, I think you really have to experience it to understand it. Once you see it, it will click and you will join the adventure!

Now that I have extracted all the secrets from Dungeon Master Paul, once you see the show tell me how we save those poor defenseless Drag Queens from this crazy comedian Paul Curry. Remember,  I need your support so sneak in so go buy a ticket (this is sneaky cause they will think you are a patron and not a secret soldier set to rescue the Drag Queens) and please be sure to pretend to enjoy the show. You need to see the horror these Drag Queens are subjected to so we can whisk them off to safety.

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