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Proud Times

Proud Times Magazine provides our readers a source of education, enlightenment and entertainment pertinent to the Out & Proud Community in the Inland Northwest and beyond. In addition to providing relevant news, our education component focuses on local events and organizations. Presenting a broad worldview brings enlightenment to the Inland Northwest and its relationship with the global community. Following trends and lifestyles, we highlight both worldwide and local culture, as well as entertainment around the globe.

In the metropolitan center of the Inland Northwest, our Spokane Washington publication provides a unique perspective on the world around us. This area’s amalgamation of rural and urban living, as well as small town and big city mentalities, lends itself to a broad spectrum of viewpoints about the Out & Proud Community. Proud Times Magazine creates a window into what the Inland Northwest has to offer, and outward to the global community’s conventions

Spacship in My Soup

It is our desire to offer another way of looking at your life, this magnificent world, and our mysterious universe. SpaceShip in my Soup is committed to offering information about all things metaphysical or extratestral in nature. We want to share with you some amazing people whose desire it is to help heal the world through their gifts and service to their fellow humans. We are excited and hope to give you cause for thought and offer you the opportunity to submit your stories and maybe write for us. Send your psychic questions for myself and Rodney the Magnificent Rooster. I would want humor to find you throughout these pieces of work. It’s through that learning that healing begins.

Loud And Proud Online Entertainment Magazine

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