Jonathan Shuffield – Editor/Host/Executive Producer 

Jonathan Shuffield has worked within the media industry for over 20 years. From television to radio, from podcasting to writing for publication and film he has firmly planted his foot in the media world. He has become a bold voice in the realms of entertainment and politics. Queer Centric is a needed and important part of that voice and he is proud to stand at the helm. Always remember, If our voice held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence us, indeed the most powerful weapons any of us have are the breath in our lungs and the stories we possess. Tell your story.

Kurt Schmierer – Graphic Editor/Executive Producer/Manager

Kurt Schmierer is an artist, graphic designer, photographer and lover of all media TV/Radio/Magazines. Kurt has owned and run an online magazine called Proud Times for 8 years as Graphics Editor, Interviewer and the person who helped set up countless stories and coordinated over a dozen writers coast to coast. The magazine went from nothing to interviewing George Takei, Cyndi Lauper and backstage with Elton John in a short 8 years.

Nathan H. Box- Film

Nathan Box is a reader, writer, hiker, cinephile, music fanatic, and nonprofit employee working on behalf of historically disenfranchised groups in Seattle, WA. He has reviewed films for 5+ years for local publications and the website, 


Josiah CarlsonWriter

Josiah has been making people laugh with his characters, animated shorts, comic strips, and videos since childhood. Like his cartoons, Josiah is full of joyful absurdity even when covering dark or otherwise heavy subjects. A professional animator by trade, he is thrilled to now be pursuing his true life calling in stand up comedy. Josiah also runs the Spokane Comedy Film Festival, a yearly event he founded to showcase comedic shorts from local comedians and filmmakers.


Lara V. EstarisWriter

This dumb bitch left all her friends and family and her perfect Californian lifestyle to follow a man child all the way to eastern Washington and even tried to use Tinder to make friends in Spokane.

Give her some waffles or Korean barbecue and she’ll do whatever you want.

When she’s not in a downward spiral surrounded by all her poor life choices or suffering under the crushing guilt of capitalism and white men, Lara can be found underneath her weighted blanket watching reruns of Great British Baking Show with her dog, Lady Bird.


Chris Jessop Writer

Chris Jessop is a Utah-born mental health professional hailing from the backwoods of Montana. He grew up in an off-shoot polygamist sect of Mormonism, and with a family of his size, he always had an audience! His podcast (Polyganometry) features conversations with his family members about what it’s like growing up in a cult. His two main hobbies are causing mischief with any of his 138 1st cousins and forgetting most of their names.

Chris first started hitting the stage while working as an English teacher in Shenzhen, China. He quickly climbed the ranks in the South-Asia comedy scene and finished his year abroad by entering the 2019 Shenzhen International Comedy Competition, where he finished Runner-Up. He has performed for audiences all over the globe, including (but not limited to) Hong Kong, the UK, and St. Maries, Idaho. His versatile blend of goofy story-telling and off-the-wall perspective is a hit wherever he performs.

The only thing brighter than his scalp is his future!


Anthony Singleton Writer

Anthony Singleton was raised in spokane Washington , but originally moved to the area from guam when he was 9 years old. His passion is to be of service as a Workforce Development professional to the community by stabilizing families experiencing poverty. His comedic journey started as a child when his mother got sick and he created numarus character and wrote jokes to make his mother laugh during her battles with breast and ovarian cancer to cheer her up. Anthony uses humor to discuss issues effecting disenfranchised communities. Bringing to light injustice and intolerance. He’s tall dark and handsome.