Under The Influence: 10 Questions for a New Year – Lyle Anthony

  • How do you approach a New Year? Resolutions/goals or…?

I honestly just look forward to having an amazing year, manifesting love, happiness and opportunity, I’m not much of a resolutions guy.

  • How has your music changed or been influenced by the pandemic? Has it?

My music has definitely become a bit more refined as to who I am as an artist during the pandemic. Being South African and a lover of Pop music, my Afro Pop sound resonates deeply within my soul.

  • Do you have new music on the horizon? 

Yes, yes, yes! I’m in the process of writing and getting my music together to release a new album really soon. Can’t wait!

  • What are some essentials on your playlist currently?

My most definite essentials in my music library are Afro Beat, some pop, Adele, Jazmine Sullivan, Cynthia Erivo, some gospel and all around happy music. 

  • What is your favorite song that you have recorded so far?

I don’t have a favorite song as I love all of my music. I write each of my songs from a specific place and mood, so to say I have a favorite would be lessening the rest. However, I Deserve, Love Wins, Bless Up, Worlds Collide are my jams. 

  • Finish this sentence “Life without music is…”

 Life without music would be an absolute bore!

  • What excites you about making music?

 I love the process of writing and being in studio. Listening to the beat, coming up with melodies and making it sound good are all the things that excite me about making music. 

  • A musician to watch (other than yourself of course)

A muscian to watch out for other than myself is definitely Vincint, he is quite established but man, what a voice.

  • Live performance vs. creating in the studio

Live performance is truly what makes me come alive. It’s exhilarating and the most incredible feeling. I’m a born performer so it’s always great being on stage. Creating in studio is also something I enjoy but it’s such a different feeling and mood. I enjoy going in and getting it done and getting out. Lol

  • If you could make one wish for your listeners this year, what would it be?

One wish to my listeners is that they keep liking, sharing and spreading the message of Lyle Anthony and Love!

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