Under The Influence: 10 Questions for a New Year

  • How do you approach a New Year? Resolutions/goals or…?

I didn’t really approach the new year with any resolutions or things I wanted to change. I didn’t want that kind of pressure and most of the time, to be honest, we never really end up honoring our resolutions. They end up being quick fixes and are easily forgotten. Instead, my lifetime goal is to just keep evolving and growing as much as I possibly can while staying creative & open minded. And on January 1, we had a show, so that was a great way to kick off the new year. Motivated and singing. 💯 

  • How has your music changed or been influenced by the pandemic? Has it?

Oh definitely. I learned how to produce and record myself in my home studio. There’s a lot of freedom that comes with that which allows for a ton of exploring and experimentations with sounds etc. I can do several vocal passes until I perform the one that I like without annoying the producer lol, although sometimes I know myself. But my style is constantly evolving and changing. I think that’s how you stay relevant with your fans and peers. 

  • Do you have new music on the horizon, any more Vegas shows?

I have a new EP coming out March 4 which is the closing weekend of Naked Boys Singing. I’m really excited about it because I decided to get back to my R&B roots, sat down and really recorded some of my most personal songs to date. It’s almost done! I can’t wait! 

  • What are some essentials on your playlist currently? 

It’s SOOO eclectic. But once I hear a new song, I become obsessed with it and play it all the time lol. I wear it out. I’m loving Duncan Laurence’s “Arcade”. It’s so anthemic and gorgeous. I love anything Aaliyah. She will never get old. Jojo is one of my fav singers of all time. Her new EP is so good and really opens up the discussion about anxiety and depression. Beyoncé, Mariah, James Blake, Daniel Caesar, Maxwell to name a few. Jon Bellion is an incredible singer/songwriter that has MANY songs I love. 

  • What is your favorite song that you have recorded so far? 

That’s so hard. I’ll say right now the new music on the EP are my favorites. There’s a new song called “Special” that’s unlike anything I’ve ever sung and I can’t wait for people to vibe with it. It’s sexy AF. 

  • Finish this sentence “Life without music is…”

DEATH!! Lol. 

  • What excites you about making music?

I think just knowing that you have the ability to create something that is yours and unique is such a rewarding experience. 

  •  A musician to watch (other than yourself of course)

My co-producer, Trent Park is such a talented artist. He’s def someone to look for in 2022. 

  • Live performance vs. creating in the studio.

Both are amazing. And I think you need to be able to create in the studio in order to deliver music to your fans. So you can’t have one without the other really. I love the feeling of creating but there’s also nothing like hearing a crowd cheer for you when they hear that. 

  • If you could make one wish for your listeners this year, what would it be?

I wish that you immerse yourself in art with an open mind and take from it what you need. All art is beautiful. Lastly, stay healthy. Let’s get out of this pandemic! Xo

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