Under The Influence: 10 Questions for a New Year

How do you approach a New Year? Resolutions/goals or…?

I approach the new year with more focus. New year resolutions aren’t really a thing in my book, but I like setting goals throughout the year and knocking them out one-by-one. I don’t think goals/resolutions should have to wait for the new year. I do this thing where I write the steps to get to the goal on a post-it note (which become baby goals) and then remove them off my wall once each task/goal is completed. It’s really helpful seeing the goals every day as a reminder. They’re like accountability friends yelling at me, “why am I not off the damn wall yet?!”

How has your music changed or been influenced by the pandemic? Has it?

The pandemic hasn’t really influenced my music in any pandemic-related way. I didn’t all of a sudden start writing end-of-the-world music. However, it gave me time to experiment and explore my sound. 2020 was actually a great year for me creatively. I released new music and produced four music videos that got premieres on Billboard and PAPER Magazine!

Do you have new music on the horizon?

Hell to the MF yes! I’ve already got the next two releases planned out and I’m so excited for them! Expect more rapping and catchy hooks!

What are some essentials on your playlist currently?

That’s a great question. It really depends on my mood. I’ve been listening to a lot of alt-punk music lately. No specific artists, but I just put on “The New Alt” playlist on Spotify. I’ve also been listening to a lot of dance music. Zedd always puts me in a good mood! Also “Darling” by Glass Battles is basically essential at this point.

What is your favorite song that you have recorded so far?

Definitely my latest single, “maybeidonthinksobutithinksobutidoubtit”! I had so much fun writing, recording, and performing the song! It feels the most authentically me out of all my other songs.

Watch Music Video for maybeidonthinksobutithinksobutidoubtit

Finish this sentence “Life without music is…”

Boring! I don’t know what I would do without music in general, let alone the creation of it. There would be no late-night dance parties with my best friend, no festivals! Life would be sad. If I didn’t create music, I would be deeply depressed. It’s therapeutic and allows me to utilize all my creative skillsets from writing, dancing, video editing, photography, graphic design, etc.

What excites you about making music?

Nothing beats the feeling of “the moment”. When you have that melody or lyric you wrote and you giggle or cry from your creation; or when you say, “oooh shit! that slaps!” The rush I get from being on stage and interacting with the audience is like an out-of-body experience! Also, all the planning and creation of a song, music video, or performance is exhilarating to me! The creative conversations I get to have with my bestie about visuals and world-building are truly one-of-a-kind and bring me so much joy.

A musician to watch (other than yourself of course)

Glass Battles in the house!!! I can’t say enough about this artist. No one has a sound as unique as Glass Battles and his visual storytelling is unmatched! He is truly the next big thing in music. Also, keep an eye on Mercy Collazo. She has the voice of an angel and her writing is incredibly smart. Go see her live because she will take your breath away!

Live performance vs. creating in the studio

Creating in the studio is exhilarating. As I said earlier, the songwriting process is very therapeutic for me. Then being able to hear the song come to life with the production and the recording is magic. However, nothing beats the rush I get from performing on stage! The inner beast comes out and I just feel so alive!

If you could make one wish for your listeners this year, what would it be?

Stream and SHARE my music! If you like something I’ve done, comment and share it with your friends and post it on social media! I’d love to hear from you! Follow me on Instagram and TikTok! @musicbysng

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