Under The Influence: 10 Little Questions

  • How do you approach 2022? Resolutions/goals or…?

How do I approach a new year? With a lot of intention and then panic over that long list! ha. I think like everyone, I set goals for better health and better organization. This year so far has been easier to get closer to those goals.

  • How has your music changed or been influenced by the pandemic? Has It?

The pandemic gave many a big boost of energy in music but for me, I felt like I was standing still. I write many songs from hindsight than while I am going through it. I am glad to see the fog rise as we get past what I hope is the worst of it. That has made it easier to write. Maybe I will write some tunes about it once I get some more distance from it.

  • Do you have new music on the horizon?

I have been writing a bit more in the past few months. Working on a new all acoustic album at the moment. 

  •  What are some essentials on your playlist currently?

Of my music, I tried to play a song a day starting in Jan. Some essentials of mine are Red Hot Tears, Leave Nothing Behind, Save The Afternoon, and Everything To You.

Of others, I am really loving new albums by YOLA, Adele, Tina Dico, and some older INXS. 

  • What is your favorite song that you have recorded so far?

There are favorites of mine that I have recorded because they were fun to record (These Small Town Boys, Running, You’re Gonna Need Me) and others because they connected with audiences live in a big way (Bartender, Save The Afternoon, We Are The Same).

  •  Finish this sentence “Life without music is…”

Life Without Music is paralyzing.

  •  What excites you about making music?

The feeling that you said something that everyone was thinking but no one had brought it up yet. When you hit a chord or sing a melody that feels original and personal at the same time.

  • A musician to watch (other than yourself of course)

YOLA, Çelişse, Jake Wesley Rogers, Sierra Hull, Namoli Brennet!

  • Live performance vs. creating in the studio

Always LIVE! I am a live artist through and throughout. Studio always feels like trying to re-create something where as being live feels real and in the moment.

  • If you could make one wish for your listeners this year, what would it be

To find an artist who makes you FEEL something with their music or with their words. 


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