The QueerCentric EP 52: Jeremy Whittington

We are BACK at Lunarium in Spokane, WA with special guest Jeremy Whittington! Grab some tea, sit back and get to know this creative powerhouse. We all have a story, a path that leads us where we are at this moment, and every story is worthy. As Jonny always says “If our voices held no power, they wouldn’t try to silence us, indeed the most powerful weapons any of us have are the breath in our lungs and the stories we possess. Tell your story.”

The QueerCentric is the companion podcast to the popular digital magazine of the same name ( ).  This is a place to go beyond the pages, to talk about what is happening around us and to have meaningful conversations about the World and culture as it affects the LGBTQ+ people.  The magazine was only one step in uncovering our voices again.  It is important to step up and speak out, for as the World has proven, we cannot afford to be silent even for a minute.  Who said we can’t have fun along the way!

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