Joshua Pangborn Rides The Crazy Train To Podcast Bears Station

Scott and Jonny, your favorite Podcast Bears, welcomes Actor, Writer and Producer Joshua Pangborn, founder of Side Kick Productions and creator of the episodic series “Skeleton Crew,” and “Demon Doctor.” He also created and stars in the upcoming feature films “The Brooklyn Butcher” and “A Taste of Youth.” Besides being an amazing filmmaker and writer, Joshua uses his talent to advocate for the lgbtqia, chub and other underserved communities. Join us in a great chat as Joshua Pangborn rides the crazy train to join us in studio this week.

Joshua’s Instagram and YouTube: @sidekickproductions

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Join us as we rant, rave, laugh, cry and talk about all things a little later in life and how we deal with them thru humor, education and fun.

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Creator of the independent TV series Skeleton Crew and Demon Doctor
Creator of films Wasted on the Young and Scratched
Twitter: @SideKickProd

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