Hairspray came to Spokane and got reviewed

By Tom Campbell

“The stage performance of Hairspray is an example of why live entertainment cannot be replaced. Having only seen the 2007 film, I thought I had my expectations properly set going in, and boy was I wrong. From the fantastic set use to the perfect comedic timing, the show is engaging from beginning to end.
My biggest takeaway by FAR was the boundless energy of the cast. The dancing and singing will leave you breathless rather than the performers, and they never missed a beat, bop, or weave. If you told me each member of the group had a 5-Hour Energy right before going on stage, I’d absolutely believe you! All this would be for nothing without a well-cast ensemble, and I’m happy to say every performer fits in like a dress from Mr. Pinky’s Hefty Hideaway: seamless while flattering the rest of the ensemble.

With a plot that still has something to tell us, I hope everyone gets a chance to be wowed by this engaging, hair-raising performance.”

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