Bears of a Certain Age with Scott and Jonny Episode 18

Welcome to “Bears of a Certain Age,” the lifestyle podcast for the bear and chub communities and their admirers, who are approaching 50 years young and up. Your Co-Hosts are Scott Fullerton from the Left of Str8 Radio Network and Jonny Shuffield from The Queer Centric. Scott and Jonny have both been entertaining the lgbtq community thru their own podcasts for a combined 20 years, and Jonny has been an entertainer and host for many lgbtq events beyond that.

We very much want this to be a listener driven show, so we are asking our audience to submit questions for our “Ask The Bears” segment; submit “Bear Hugz” for people who deserve a little public praise; Tell us about their favorite things for our “Bear Necessities Segment; and any other goofy puns that Scott can think up. Submit everything to

We hope you will enjoy this episode and on YouTube, will click the little bell to get notified for future episodes. We will be up every Wednesday and will also be available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Audible, iHeart Radio, and more. Please “SHARE THE BEARS” with your friends and please give us a Thumbs Up or a 5 Star Rating so more people will be able to find us. You can follow our social media at “@bearsofacertainage” on Instagram, Threads, and Tik Tok, and look for our website soon.

In this episode, Scott and Jonny discuss their holiday experiences and reflect on their lack of festive spirit. They talk about their busy schedules and the pressure of overbooking themselves. The conversation then shifts to gift exchanges and the challenges of shopping for loved ones. They also discuss managing expectations and the loneliness that can come with the holiday season. Scott shares his retirement plans and the disappointment of expensive gift cards. They conclude by talking about taking a hiatus from their podcast and their future projects. In this conversation, Scott and Queerly Jonny discuss the importance of reinvention and self-reflection. They also highlight a documentary called ‘Relighting Candles’ and a candle business that supports homeless and recovering individuals. The conversation then shifts to the significance of World AIDS Day and the impact of the movie ‘Longtime Companion’. They conclude with advice for the holiday season and a playful discussion about potential changes in the new year.

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