A Moment Can Change Your World

The QueerCentric is proud to introduce “The QueerCentric Podcast” hosted by Queerly Jonny, produced by The Kurter with special guest Esteban Herevia Jr.

Enjoy the audio segment below taken from Episode #1

It was a specific moment in time.  The best art is always about a specific moment.  For many of us, it is seared in our memories much like the day JFK was assassinated for the generation prior to mine.  I was working the opening shift at the first LGBT bar/coffee house in my small town of Wenatchee, WA.  Wiping down the tables as I turned on our televisions, met with the panicked voices of the reporters, the crumbling towers, the smoke.  I was confused, I could not wrap my mind around what was happening.  It is moments like this that become monuments in your mind.  They will never leave you.

Who could imagine that out of the worst pieces of humanity, the very best of it would shine?  The Tony Award winning Broadway musical, “Come From Away,” tells the true story of a small Canadian town that takes in thousands of stranded airline passengers lost and confused as multiple flights are grounded with the closing of U.S. airspace during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack.  We follow these individuals as they navigate what it means to care for each other, comfort each other and sacrifice what is needed for another in need.  

From the raucous opening with the song, “Welcome to the Rock,” to the haunted longing of “Lead Us Out of the Night,” to the inspirational “Me and the Sky,” this is a solid show, but what is more is that it is a needed show.  In a time with such unrest around the World, with terrifying moves backward in the United States, it was nice to be reminded that sometimes humanity truly is the best part of us.  As I sat in that audience, I cried more times from happy inspiration than from tragedy. 

Knowing that this is based on real people, swelled my heart with joy.  This small Canadian town gave completely of themselves, not because they had to, they were not Americans, and they did not know these 7,000 strangers.  All they knew was that these people were scared and needed help.  In providing basic needs they gave each other hope, comfort, and much love.  

I will admit that just thinking of this show can make me tear up.  We need more beautiful examples of the best part of ourselves if only to remind the World how we could be. Sadly, the Broadway show has announced its final day, October 2nd, but so far the touring show will live on. Do yourself a favor and go see this show, support its message, receive its hope.  You will not regret this moment.

In Spokane, WA you can still catch this show until August 13th at the First Interstate Center for the Arts. Visit https://www.broadwayspokane.com/tickets for tickets today!

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