2022 Fashion: One Day You’re IN and Then…..Well Read On and be IN All Year

By Shelby Goatz

I’ve been scouring the internet for a while now to see what was “in” for 2022.

These are my findings:

It’s seeming that what’s “out” is back “in” and what’s “In” – is now “Classic”

  • Leggings are still in – as long as you wear them just as you have been.
  • Skinny jeans are a classic style now, so you can keep wearing them – as though anything else would fit and look damn good on Gen X and Elder Millenial’s ever changing bodies. Boots, flats, heels? They look good with any shoe, definitely the sign of classic clothing.
  • Plaid, prints and solids are in, as well as basically anything 90s. Chain belly belts, anyone?
  • God save us, the low rise jeans are  back. Does that mean my well thought out ‘tramp stamp’ tattoo is back in? As well as ‘whale tails’???
  • Micro jackets are in (they’re just crop jackets, for Pete’s sake). Don’t like micro jackets? You’re in luck – “big, boxy” jackets are still in, as well.
  • 80s sequins and shine is everywhere.
  • So are the big oversized button up shirts. Think Dorothy from The Golden Girls.
  • The Pantone color of the year is periwinkle blue. Very Peri to be exact. It’s a beautiful shade, for sure, but how different is it from the baby blues and pastels we’ve been seeing? 

All I can deduce from what I’ve been seeing for fashion ins and outs for the year is to wear what you want.


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